Storage Tank Management

Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC provides services and oversight for the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs) and aboveground storage tanks (ASTs). Services provided include removal and proper disposal of USTs and ASTs and their contents, collection and laboratory analysis of soil samples from UST excavations, and reporting to the proper State and local agencies.

If contamination is discovered during tank removal activities, Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC can provide the appropriate services for characterizing and remediating the contamination if required.

Federal and state laws require every owner and operator of a petroleum UST to maintain financial responsibility to pay for any damages arising from their tank operations. The Barry Keene Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Act of 1989 was created by the California Legislature, and is administered by the California State Water Resources Control Board, to provide a means for petroleum UST owners and operators to meet the federal and state requirements. The Fund assists small businesses and individuals by providing reimbursement for unexpected and catastrophic expenses associated with the cleanup of leaking petroleum USTs.

Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC has successfully liaised with Fund representatives in assisting numerous clients to navigate through the cost recovery process.

Rule 1166 Soil Mitigation

Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC maintains an active permit with the Southern California Air Quality Management District for the excavation and handling of volatile organic compound (VOC) - impacted soil. Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC has provided soil mitigation services for a wide variety of projects, including the excavation of oil field pipelines and oil wells, underground storage tanks, and VOC impacted-soil resulting from other industrial uses.