Remediation Design and Implementation

Our business is built on remediation. We design, install, and operate remediation systems. The remediation systems we install are designed to operate with minimal oversight and maintenance. Whether it is vapor extraction, multi-phase extraction, pump and treat, in-situ injection, or sparging systems, we strive to ensure that the mechanical systems operate as close to 100% as possible. We understand the cost of remediation and can assist in determining the real cost of a site cleanup.

Clients who are disappointed by other environmental firms' efforts have brought us into existing remediation systems. Often, the existing systems are either under designed or they are using the latest remediation technology that may not be field proven.

Environmental remediation has changed significantly over the last 20 years. A lot of ideas and processes have been tried and some have proven to be reliable. It is important to keep aware of the new processes and understand when it is appropriate to try a new remediation process. We have remediated soils to a depth of 30 feet beneath the surface with pH levels below 2.0 using sodium bicarbonate and injection wells. We are currently having very good results using sodium lactate for groundwater remediation at a former aerospace manufacturer in Santa Ana for chemical degradation of chlorinated solvents. We use common sense and our practical experience to select and operate the remediation system that will obtain closure.

In addition to the sodium lactate site, we are also currently remediating soil and groundwater for the pesticide EDB with a multiphase system in Irvine and remediating 20 acres of a former oil refinery in Carson with air sparging and vapor extraction. We have a vapor extraction system working on a former refinery converted to multi-tenant residences; former gasoline stations with soil and groundwater remediation; and dry cleaners with soil and groundwater remediation.

Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC provides a variety of services, which facilitate the remediation of properties. Remediation services include removal and disposal of contaminated soils, the design and implementation of systems to treat soil contamination, the design and implementation of systems to treat groundwater contamination, and mitigation of air contamination within structures using vapor barrier technology.

Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC has completed numerous successful remediation projects working in conjunction with regulatory agencies to achieve the goals of all parties in a timely and cost-effective manner.