Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II Environmental Assessments are performed to assess the quality of the subsurface environment. This is achieved through sampling and laboratory analysis of soil, vapors and groundwater. Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are typically performed based on suspected or identified environmental conditions to assist in identifying and characterizing the suspected site contamination.

It is important to communicate with the client to understand their goals. Sometimes it is more important to know when not to complete a subsurface investigation, as it is to know how to complete a subsurface investigation. An integral part of the client communication is to explain the environmental process and to ensure that all questions are fully answered before a subsurface investigation is conducted.

Once the decision has been made to begin fieldwork, it is our goal to obtain only as much information during the subsurface investigation as is required to proceed to reaching the next step in the client's objectives. There will be a reason for every sample taken.

Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC completes Phase II Site Assessments using state of the art drilling and sampling equipment. Laboratory analyses are conducted at California State-certified laboratories and meet the requirements of the Department of Toxic Substances Control.