About Leymaster Evironmental Consulting

Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC (LEC) provides environmental consulting, management, site assessment, remediation design and implementation, and field services to a wide variety of clients and industries.

Our staff includes experienced and licensed professionals in geology, hydrogeology, engineering, and registered environmental assessment that are committed to providing prompt and expert environmental services. Our broad range of experience allows us to provide our clients with innovative and cost effective solutions for all their environmental concerns while meeting the requirements of environmental laws and regulatory agencies.

LEC's marketing strategy is to ensure that every client is satisfied with our work and will recommend us to others in need of our services. Word-of-mouth marketing has consistently increased our business over the last two decades.

We are a small company with a long history of environmental consulting and remediation systems design in Southern California. In fact, over 75% of our business is remediation work. We have worked with the environmental regulatory agencies on a regular basis and understand how to best navigate their procedural requirements. We have developed relationships that assist in achieving the client's goals.

We are a small company by design; no further growth is intended. A staff of five project managers ensures that the client develops a relationship with the project manager who is responsible for achieving the client's goals from start to finish. The client will not be passed around to different individuals depending upon the scope of work. This company structure has allowed us to keep overhead expenses to a minimum and to provide common sense solutions at a reasonable cost.

We approach each project as a partnership with our clients to formulate individualized responses to environmental problems. Whether the project is to evaluate potential liability through environmental site assessments, establish an environmental liability risk management plan, remediate contamination, comply with local, state and federal environmental health and safety requirements, or provide litigation support including expert testimony, Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC will provide a high-quality product that meets your business goals.